iPhone Keyboard Emulator 1.0.23 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

iPhone Keyboard Emulator 1.0.23 Free Download screenshot

The keyboards available in many touch screen phones are not as useful as a full featured and well laid out keyboard with the typical QWERTY design. The application to correct this is the iPhone Keyboard Emulator which is designed to run on Android devices and to enhance the input of text into frames.

The application is free to download and try so you can feel free to test it out before you commit to using it. iPhone Keyboard Emulator also has an enhanced T9 dictionary with several more word choices compared to most other devices.<.p>

There are also other applications to make the keyboard function better and these will make it visible in portrait and landscape modes. All text fields can activate the iPhone Keyboard Emulator and it is sure to allow you to enter text.

Experience the usability of the iPhone keyboard on your Android Phone.


If you have a problem, use the support email. We are unable to help you when you just comment in the ratings.

Note: If you are running Gingerbread or Froyo, we highly recommend iTap Keyboard instead of iPhone Keyboard Emulator.

Type faster and easier with an iPhone keyboard layout, while enjoying the cool features of the Android OS.

This is an "Input Method" and must be enabled in the Language & Keyboard Settings.

English Only!

Free version without word completion is also available!

System Requirements:

No special requirements

iPhone Keyboard Emulator 1.0.23 Free Download screenshot